Thursday, July 2, 2015

A preference

People will have to choose whether they want to share their moments with others or not. They want to share it or bury it with their own. Some people tend to share whatever on their minds, bad or good, they just want to share with everyone. While some others, like to bury whatever they have or do, on their own. It's all about preference. What do you prefer? Share or hide it.

And what do I prefer? I prefer to do whatever on my own. I prefer to think about my feeling alone. But as I grow older, I tend to think that it's better if I share my happiness with others. Why do I keep my happiness, if there will be a lot more people who feel that happiness? And I try to share my happiness, little by little, I change myself slowly. Maybe it will make other feel the convenience. Well, I still think it's better to share happiness, isn't it??

However, sometimes, it seems that people want to know about your life so much. It's a little too much until you find it so annoying. Furthermore, people seem want to know more about the dark side, your sadness, your gloomy days. They will ask you questions which force you to answer it. But me? I still hold my preference. I don't like giving statements to person which don't know about me at all. I keep my sadness and try to think about the solutions by myself. Well, a lot of people don't like that. They think that I should share about my pain, just to reduce my hard feeling. And I resist that, I don't like giving burdens to others, so sorry :( 

Yeah, everything has its risk. And I take my own risk. It leads to others think that I'm such a public enemy. Why? Because there were several bad rumours about me, yet I never denied nor explained it. Somehow, I felt pathetic in those times because I couldn't hold up and stand for my own. But, public has their own way to understand the situation. They will always believe in such rumours without verify or look deeper onto that. That's why rumours will always give you much weight whether you can keep it up or not.

I had those worst conditions twice, I kept by myself. And twice, I was being a coward who couldn't protect my own self. They called me anything they liked, they ditched me, and made me cried a lot. But thank you, I learned a lot. I learned who my real friends are and how to handle that worst situation.

"As time goes by, a lot of things will happen. Through good time and bad time, people will learn, so they can make wiser decision"



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