Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A reflection

Hello, readers! How's life? I hope you have a good one. Some problems don't mean bad, but think about those as a lesson. And some incredible things don't mean that you have to be so proud of yourself, but take it to make others feel those happiness, share it, and I believe you will feel double happiness.

Maybe some of you think that you have a boring life, while some others think that they live a beautiful life. While some others think they lead a life in such ridiculous way, when others they live in serious way. Well, as I said, it depends on you, it will always depend on how you take your life for.

A reflection, sometimes people need that. People need it to reflect their attitude not their personality. May some people made you live a hard life which you had to stand strong, and struggle alone. But, be grateful, you had one step forward, to reflect that you don't need to have those behaviour. Don't keep the behaviour which you can make other feels miserable. I think it's not wise. And I think, it's not wise too if you treat others like your past treat you. You can have those defense towards your past, but I think it will be wiser if you don't take those defense on how you treat your today's people or future's people.

When you hear cruel words which those are mean to you, like 
"It's weird if people bla bla bla or blu blu blu"

Well, it's true, even your very best friend or boyfriend or family may know your condition, but back at one, it's all coming back to you who understand yourself better than anyone. But, i think it'll be better if you aren't arguing about those things. Because it looks like put oil into a flame, which will make a direct flame towards you. And not all of the things in this world, have to understand you all the times. Just let it be, not all silence means you accept the condition, but it may prove that you are not spoilt person.
And as for me, I'll keep those mean words to my own. Keeping as my reflection, not because what they talk is the truth, but why i have to force my condition and my argument to the people who don't know me instead of judge me. But, maybe, I'll cry on my own, hugging my pillow tightly, and scream as loud as I could. Well, maybe it won't disturb other if I do so. But, don't be afraid, if you say mean words to me, I'll try not take your favor, I'll keep my good behaviour to you. I'll try and I'll keep trying. And this is not just words, I'll take it in my action too.

Everything that comes around in this life, try to figure it out from other point of view. If they can't do that, maybe you can just do it. Why are we have to become mean person if being nice person is better?

Warmest regards,


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