Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yin and Yang

There will always come a time like this. A moment like this. A moment when you feel disappointed, angry, sad, or anxious because things didn't turn out like what you want or seems like it wouldn't turn out like what we wish it would. In times, it often happens because we expect those things too much. We give them too much hopes. We give them too much spaces in our heart, mind, and soul. And it's not good. It's toxic. 

In life, things happen beyond our imagination. Things happen like our brain couldn't always reach those. May, for sometimes, things happen uncontrollable and we feel it's so unbearable. We as a human being only create those opportunities, make it through our own best efforts, make it our best shots, and leave the rest to God. So let it be. Things will come alright if we prepare ourselves to anything that might happen. It's good to have positive imaginations but it's also good to redeem ourselves by thinking what's negative outcomes that might happen too. Try to live in balance

Because life, isn't always about a win-win. Life isn't perfect, neither are we. Don't push your mind into believing that things will run out perfectly too. It's killing you, dear. Softly and slowly. God creates us so that we create something good, make it better in times, but never force us to make things be the best. Neither are we, we're never being forced by God to become the best person but being our own best version. It means, try to do what it's good and leave the bad. Only that. Simple, isn't it? God let us live a very simple life so don't make it complicated, sweetheart. 

We always seek the opportunities, make every solution which outrageous. But, God always has the best plans for us. So enjoy the ride and live your joyful life. People may come and go, may change and remain the same. Accept it. Let it flow through your vein of life. Go through it. Let yourself grow and become mature so that you can become a better version of yourself each and every day, with our without the support from the people that we wished we would always have. Because we live, and sometimes we lose but also gain people in our lives. Don't ever make your life become miserable. Because, maybe, we also don't have enough space for too many people in our hearts, we also don't have enough strength for things to be thought in our brain. 

Live your life, which you will always feel content, tolerant, and grateful


Insani Zulfa 

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