Saturday, March 7, 2015

The devil wears glasses

I'm watching a movie right now, and the story is like this.....

There was a girl. She's a very care and bright girl, who always do anything in a clear mind for her love one. But something happened. Something that forced her too much, which she felt like being pushed too much. And so, she came back, finally. into a very different person. With new mind set, new soul, and new heart. Don't ask her  about that care girl! That care girl had gone too far. A girl that once cared too much for everyone and everything. No longer cared at all. She turns to be a very hateful, spiteful, and baddest girl.

And then, she lured someone. Someone that supposed not to be taken of. Someone that's already taken. She found him, in a good way. She found him, like a long lost child, who will longing to him all day long. She found him like she face herself. Like God's putting a mirror to her and watch herself out, through that man. And in the times, she knew about that fact, the fact about that taken man. She learnt it slowly, she tried to let go of the heart, and she tried to close the heart once again.

She, learnt it solos. She talked to herself a lot. That devil, only mumbled to herself. That devil, only cried alone. That devil, wanted to take out her life. She cried and cried, she asked herself, that once she felt doubt to fall in those situations but keep on doing that. She, with all that powers left, only hate herself even more. She, with the whole world changing, wanted to runaway. Alone, with no one in her current life knowing. She wanted to start a new fresh beginning. Let go the past alone. Let go the past that full of questions. A past with entitled her with being "the third wheel".

But, she. only remained on that state. No move, after all. She lived with that man and pretending nothing happen. It killed her heart. It killed her sanity. She became a fully devil,who doesn't care about other's feeling. About, her own feeling later, if something bad might happen. She walked that path, she cried through that path, and she calmed herself down lonely.

And then the girl that had the taken man, came. She didn't know what really happened, and that's why the devil walked away. Walked away from that frame of life. She walked away on her own. She walked away without that taken man knowing, She, cried once again. She began to reminiscence her past.  How came her life turned out to be like that. She only asked her questions to that taken man in the thin air, in her sleepless night. She might feel a lot more burdens on her shoulder. But she had taken a vow, that no matter what will happen to her fall with that man, she would never interfere his business with her first angel. She would definitely let herself remained in silence.

The devil got her lessons, the devil understood the situation. And now, she only keeps thing to herself. Without no one knows, what really happen to her. She doesn't want to bring anyone in her life again. At least, for now.  She starts to like enjoying the lonely life. She's starting that life, in this moments.

How about you? Do you ever feel like being that kind of person? And finally, I tell you this. Don't ever judge a person, you don't know about their past nor about their goal. Just try to live beside them, try to enjoy their life. 

stay or go, whatsoever

Insani Zulfa

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