Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The smiles :)

Have you ever been smile though your heart is aching? Have you ever been burst out in laugh though your brain is in pain? Sometimes, all you need to do is emptying your mind, let it out for some moments, inhale some fresh air, it helps a lot. But sometimes, all of those couldn't cool down your anger, sadness, or worries. Because sometimes, a reflection will make you think and go down deeper. Deeper, then what you have expected. 

And finally, I will always say thank to Alloh for giving me a lot of friends. May, some of them don't understand my situation. May, some of them understand my situation but pretending not knowing the situation in order to comfort me. May, some of them understand and stand beside me, whatever it costs though I didn't ask for it. I'm grateful. Really grateful. 

The smiles that you can't buy it with money. The smiles that you won't forget. I have some "smile" moments that I won't forget in my entire life. For some moments I remember this clearly. Just say it, someone, with his arrogant and cunning smile can make me feel at my peace because he knows how to make my days from "damn plain simple" into "fucking awesome. Don't you get it? It's not how long you spend your time with someone or how much money you waste to hang out around. But its matter is, how they are spending time with you sincerely. Because it's not something big or small. It's how they can play your heart. How they can ride along with you. Together.

Because friendship is a million little things


Insani Zulfa 

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