Friday, February 13, 2015

Back at One

It's undeniable, that I could pass that exam. It's unbelievable how I should do my best to pass those continuous exam.
It's so incredible the way things work out. And all emotional feeling, once I know what it's all about. And the undesirable feeling to face the failure. So, that's why I should do better this time, giving my best on those, pray for it and face anything with confidence. 

Because, in this february.

One, you are like a dream come true
Two, just wanna get you
Three, you, it's incredible thing to achieve
Four, pray for its best
Five, make you go in my palm, my grasp
I'll reach it for sure

For all my nice readers, I hope that I can fulfill my ambition and get new experience abroad. And in my endless time, I ask one more thing to Alloh SWT that I hope I can get my scholarship, study abroad, and learn more and more so that I can be wiser, brighter, and smarter.

Yours faithfully,

Insani Zulfa

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