Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Ideal Man

Hello, readers. I'm in a good mood right now, so I'll post about something funny, weird, but true story. For some moments, let's not discuss about miserable life and self-reflection. Let's being wild!!

Okay. So, I believe that some of you must have experience about "love". I'm not talking about love, but I want to talk about the person that we have to get interact when we do the love things. I, you, we, all of us must have standard or maybe kind of man that we want to get close. Yeah, something like that. And I don't know, but based on my experiences. I had so much difference standard in each times of ages. So, should I say that growing older will make you look further and wider.

It comes when you are around fifteen to seventeen, maybe. In late junior high school period or in senior high school period. At this age, girls usually tend to look over appearance rather than the man's personality. They think that a good looking man will make her special and she will be very proud of her man. Besides that, girls at this age usually look over his hobby, especially when the man know something about art or music. It will give man a bonus mark. Because the girl will brag about how good her man when he plays the instruments. Teenage girls usually like to gossip, they tend to speak out loud about what they like, what they have, and what they want to have. It's such a clear answer that they haven't looked for man's personality, maybe some of them do but it's only a few. 

In this period of time, when the ages come around eighteen up to twenty two. It's around college's time. They grow into more mature and wiser. They want all of good criteria. They want man with the looks and the personality. It's like a win-win solution. They want the "it boy" looks but "it man" personality. Yeah, how cunning they are. But here are my explanations. Girl around that age still has pride that high like a mountain, she wants to brag how handsome or how good-looking her man but at the same time she wants nice personality, kind-hearted, honest person because she likes to be watching close and feeling like a queen around her best-man. Girl around this age tends to spend out her money on buying stuffs to make her more beautiful, doll up her face, wear high heels, use dresses, and talks gracefully. They tend to keep her image like a princess and trust me they will go on diet and just waiting his man eating [while actually her main reason why she goes on diet is because she lost too much money on buying on those things]. Besides, girls on this age will tend to look man that opposites her character. They think each personalities will melt into one and their bond will last forever.

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From age twenty three until twenty eight [PS: I'll take it as my point of view, no offense. Maybe some of you will take the age up to twenty five only] . This age, the "it girl" is turning into "it girl", they'll change their minds. They'll look over personality first than the appearance. They'll look over his brain first over his body. And some of them, will look over the man's income first. It's not that her income is higher or lower than the man, but she wants a reliable person. After all, man should lead the family and yes it's his duty giving money to his family later. Girls seek personality because they want to keep calm, they want to be at peace, they want man that can let go his ego for the sake of their bond. The relationship. Girls seek his brain because every man can make her pregnant, but not all of man know the "know-how" to lead and teach his family. And of course personality, will win the "in-laws". Around this age, they also tend to look man which has similar personalities, almost same background, almost same past, and older man. They think the "almost-thing" will make the relationship grows easier and better. And around this age, they tend to look over man that will be her spouse. So, personalities win and take it all. But relationship around this age is wiser, because each person already have experiences. So they will reflect their selves into their past and look over the other's feeling first to overcome their problems. And there is high possibilities that this kind of bond that will lead into marriage.

I can only talk about these much, because I'm still lack in experiences too. I'm just looking around at those age. Because the older woman gets, she will think differently. She will think more about others and step aside from the individual things.

It's not that those are references that girls around that age are like that. It's only my point of view, and maybe it's not most of them. Building a relationship is not an easy task, it really needs heart. Not only love, but each person has to try understand, not being each's best but trying each's best, not using words only but use action instead. After all, my suggestion is build a relationship that your heart is in it. Keeping faith in your partner as you keep your faith on your own. Build your relationship with both of hearts not only you and not only him. Talk and discuss about your bond together, make a wise decision which both of you agree. 


Insani Zulfa

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