Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kimi Ni Todoke

Hello, 2015! ☺

May this year will be more impressive than years before and many more better things happen in this year.

Problems, issues, and stress may come more and more in this year and the following years, but solutions, options, chances, and spirit which never die will overcome all of those situations. Those problems will come near us so that we can seek opportunities. And as time goes by, we will understand about the world, we will think more clearly, we will understand other's point of view, and of course we will understand the unhappy things calmly, let it go, take another road, and rise up again. Those are actually my resolution for this year. 

"Stay calm, be open minded, chase my master's program abroad this year, penny wise, be more educated, get money"

All I want to chase right now is my career, and all I want to fight for right now is my career. The career that I want to pursue is my childhood's dream. I still remember when my teacher at elementary school asked me that question "What do you want to do in the future? The job?" and I answered it "I want to be a teacher, I mean I want to be a college teacher, a lecturer. I think that job will suit me well". And here I am, I have this title now "fresh-graduate" and still trying to make that dream comes true. I'm still looking for the ways and making some stuffs to let me be "lecturer" who teach and share knowledge, networking, and information to all of parties in this world. It's nice, isn't it? The path that I'll take to reach it may be hard or twisted but there will be options and chances to be offered to me. I don't want to give up my dreams, I'll fight for it, and I'm sure I can grab it and fulfill it this year. I believe in myself.

You have to smile whatever the pain that you may get, because you're beautiful
You have to rise up whatever the downfall that you may have, because you're amazing
You have to stand up wherever you may be, because you're strong
You have to make the solutions whenever you face problems, because you're smart
You have to keep the faith whenever bad scenarios drop by, because you're tough
You have to get up, rise up, and make up every day, every time, every minute, and every second, because you're a lucky person
stay pretty, stay calm, be an amazing person, be strong, be tough, educated well, get blessed
You're the only you, you can make the changes, 
You can reach your dreams and make them to be reality

Kimi ni todoke, words from me to you, "you"it's me. The words that will pump up my spirits so that I can wake up from the dreams and make it happen. I believe and I also believe that Alloh will help me get through this. Get, set, ready, and go!


Insani Hubi Zulfa

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