Monday, December 29, 2014

Tell me something i don't know

Another tears in the silence.
Another emptiness in the darkness.
Another nightmare over period nice dreams.
This is part of me to be mature.
This is side of me to be independent.
This is way for me to know the world.
Maybe, right now, the world gives me cruel times.
Maybe, right now, being dependent only leads into 'not good' scenarios.
Maybe, right now, growing older gives me hard times to catch my own breath
Beneath the sky, i'm looking at the stars, watching them shine through sun's light.
And me,
Wandering where the light is, and still searching for that one.
I know that maybe there are some lights that offer to me.
But is that it?
Is that light will give me some happiness?
Can i have and hold this happiness longer?
Or maybe it just gives me for some periods of time.
That it will go with the wind.
That it will leave without a trace.
I don't know.
Maybe, the right thing for now is
Just flying solos even with broken wings.
Flying and flying till i find that beautiful sky.
Spread my wings till i reach my star.

From the cold wall that i lean on,



  1. keep on flying dear yupek
    dont afraid to fall
    you can fly again
    even with your broken wings

    as time goes by, your wings will turn into beautiful ones
    even more than before.

  2. higher higher higher until the highest you can fly!

    1. thank you. just like what i said in my blog header tab that i will and always spread my wing and fly. woman can fly. woman can reach her dreams. with a lot of ways (: