Friday, May 9, 2014

In a meantime of Internship: Royal Park Rajapruek (Part 1)

Hello, i think it's been long since my last post. I've been busy lately preparing my final tasks in my final year of college. It's not easy to do, make report and thesis in the same time. And talking about report, it's about my internship report. Fortunately, I had my opportunities to do one of my final tasks abroad in Thailand (as on of  the biggest husbandry company and the headquarter of the world). I made it and studied it at Maejo University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
I had a leisure time in the weekend and the first spot that I had been visited is this awesome flower garden called " Royal Park Rajapruek " you can call it ^Rachpruek^. You had to spent THB 100 (IDR 40K) for entering this garden but for local visitor, it's just THB 50. Okay, enough talking, let the photos do the talk!!

You may know that Thailand is well-known with its white elephant so in Thailand, almost every spot has elephant figure. But i had been told before about the white elephant that it is really exist before (but right now no one knows that it's still exist or not, and for that's i hesitate to put 'was' in my statement. haha)

You had to spent THB 10 for making your wishes and plant it. And the cute sound when it hit by the wind "criiing" because its made from artificial gold. Tehee!

 Okay this one is, emm like the west side from this garden. It had beautiful scenery too moreover you will see a lot of tall tree with green scenery that will soften your heart and mind.

 Okay the one building that you see is like a museum. It tells about Thailand from time to time and it had official money that had been used in Thailand from the past too.

Oh  and one thing for sure, don't forget to bring your cute hat or umbrella because it's really hot at day
I hope it will help you a lot when you have time to go to pay a visit - see you

Zulfa, Insani

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