Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I feel like having so much deadline come in to me time by time, so fast! and i didn't recognize how much time i waste yesterday or how much time i have tomorrow (what is it?) practically i'm just sleep 4-5 hours a day, feeling rush hour every time i watch the clock and i really hate this kind of feeling. i always manage my time, but i don't know why sudden things show up in my thrill hours (accidentaly? doubt it.) But I'm just being me and mine. Hahaha, as long as I'm patient with it and of course focus with what i am doing at that moment, I'll get what I have to be, rite? definetely! I love putting my best efforts, a lot of people arround me say that I really give everything that i could for the one that i interest, yeah that's who i am and i will make every moments of my time useful. being useful for another, i really want to be that kind of people that not forget how i reach my peak time. every things i have till know its come from ALLOH SWT and will back to ALLOH SWT someday. I just maintain it to be good and better. I hope i will be better at managing my time, it's not late for change.




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