Friday, April 13, 2012

The Non-Sense Leader

Things need change. Everything changes. Don't just burying yourself, digging around and just catch the tail of your leader. Sometimes you must be sick of it!

I learn a good catch-phrase to chop off your leader :
  • S: This is it because I'm sick of your games. We all are
  • A: You trying to get me voted off the island ? That won't work 
  • S:  I don't think you'll have much of choice
  • A: I made you, S. I made all of you. Before me, you were just goody-goody in plaid who did whatever mommy and daddy told her to.
  • S: You are so full of yourself. You think that just because you brought us together, you can treat us like puppets ?
  • A: But you are. Don't you see that ? you don't exist without me
  • S:  Really, A? Then tell me this. What is a leader without any followers ? Because it seems to me the question isn't whether we will exist without you but whether you will exist without us. And as far as I'm concerned you are dead to me already!
Be what you wanna do, challenge the world and ROCK ON! :D

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