Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Oxford Goes to Red Carpet

I love oxford shoes ♥ 
and yeah it does cost on my bill, you still don't understand why i spent so much money on impossible stuffs ?
"If you love something it's worth fighting no matter what the odds"

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Non-Sense Leader

Things need change. Everything changes. Don't just burying yourself, digging around and just catch the tail of your leader. Sometimes you must be sick of it!

I learn a good catch-phrase to chop off your leader :
  • S: This is it because I'm sick of your games. We all are
  • A: You trying to get me voted off the island ? That won't work 
  • S:  I don't think you'll have much of choice
  • A: I made you, S. I made all of you. Before me, you were just goody-goody in plaid who did whatever mommy and daddy told her to.
  • S: You are so full of yourself. You think that just because you brought us together, you can treat us like puppets ?
  • A: But you are. Don't you see that ? you don't exist without me
  • S:  Really, A? Then tell me this. What is a leader without any followers ? Because it seems to me the question isn't whether we will exist without you but whether you will exist without us. And as far as I'm concerned you are dead to me already!
Be what you wanna do, challenge the world and ROCK ON! :D

Chilly Frozen Ice Cream

A lot of reason that Ice Cream is so friendly with us :
  • Whether the condition is up or down, the taste doesn't change even a bit
  • If the ice is broken, the feeling is so good not like the feeling when you just broke up. Oh-huh
  • We could find it faster! Mini-market is everywhere and every single market have it, If they don't have it they gotta be kidding me!
  • You could find the cheapest and the most expensive. It's totally your decision! whether it is cheap or expensive it doesn't change the taste, right? not like when we wear sandals and the others just kicking our ass by wearing heels (:
For the information of Ice Cream that I published :
  • The first one, it's called "Njonja Besar Ice Cream", believe it or not it's home-made from Tangerang, Indonesia and the taste doesn't lose from Magnum. Haha, you will find a lot of reason for loving this Ice Cream, the taste is sooo good for Indonesian's tongue :p and its price just IDR 3.500 :D
  • Power Cap, gotta bought it from Roti Boy's. The difference between it and another ice cream is the cap and the cover. it's totally looks like Korean's ice cream and it's so yummy. IDR 10.000 :D

Just like the reason why people making ice cream to make a mood better
We should not make others feel desperate
Help others with your inner-talent :D

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Finally it come to mid term test!
What made me like so bossy busy is being assistant and a colleger who always want an A.P
Hope the lecturer give me a breakthrough test. Hop-hop!
Get tired and so bored in the middle of catching some new phrases sooo does make sense :D

Bring me and A.P \^,^/

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Back then,
In 2009, we took this picture

We grow old together >.<"
It doesn't matter when we met and we still fill our stories together
It doesn't matter what sin did we ever make
You know what's going on with me though I didn't say it
You know how to forgive me for the jokes though I didn't mean it
You know what a good time to deal, to chat and to share everything
You understand when I say, "forget it"
You get the word "wait forever" when I say just a minute
and You will always STAY when I say "leave me alone"

I've already said it too much
The girls who always be in ZULFA's stories