Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Bucket Lists - Part II

Still, I couldn't dare to believe. but no matter how much I close my eyes then open it again. This is a reality, you know

I want to share something great here. Back then, at January 1st 2012 8:09 PM, I wrote my bucket lists. Really so much things I want to do and I want to get in this year and I didn't know how it could happen but it just like a miracle to me. Thanks to ALLAH SWT who always listen to my pray in every way. I know that ALLAH SWT will always beside me and listen to me.

You know what my dearest reader, I always have and always will thanks that my family is the best part of my life. Family that always cherish me, support me, give me a strength when I was weak, hug me when  I'm gonna cry, and the best part is that we always care each other.

I skip to the list that I get, my GP is 4 and GPA 3,91 and I had been accepted to be assistant in Biochemistry of Nutrition (: The great thing that I want to conclude is "write everything that you want in every detail and in special ways and place it at a good spot where you can read it proudly". I assume that whenever you look at it, there is something like courage that grow up in your heart bigger and bigger until at one time you really get that. It's about a chance to change your life !

Go !
Every imagination that you made, be brave to build it
Because you dream it to be happen

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