Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life is a Grace

Remember the times, when other couldn't breath anymore when you were watching someone's life on the edge. Totally frightening and absolutely confused us who couldn't help but couldn't watch at the same times. That time we were being helped by ALLAH SWT, that time maybe those people are our replacements to get that terrific conditions. Imagine it, and when you realize be thankful to ALLAH SWT. No matter what we have done, what we have gotten so far that's just because ALLAH gave it to us. Just like the breath, healthy life, smart, title, grade, wealth and everything that we earned in this life are grace from ALLAH SWT.

Every little thing that we've got every day, every hours, every minutes and even every seconds be thankful. The life that we live in, life that full of journey. People aren't always at top but sometimes it takes us to be in the bottom, to live how they live. If you always regret with what you had, please reflect yourself on someone who is under you. Maybe you feel you didn't get enough but for someone else, what you've got maybe that's the greatest thing that he or she want for a long time.

I didn't brag people who I didn't know well here, I just want to tell you about my stories. I'm not goofing around here, after I pray in my daily life I won't forget to beg a forgiveness to ALLAH SWT for everything that could be wrong and I will always feel grateful with every help that ALLAH gave to me. And when I say an apology and thankful I feel really relaxed, nothing going rush on me and I could take control of my day, everything is going smoothly (:

Time is a matter to build a better life
When you understand what the quality time is
You get your life that's called

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