Saturday, March 3, 2012

Benteng Vredeburg

Actually, this story that I want to tell really out-of date
Lately I'm quite busy to prepare something [kekekekeke]
I have my bucket-list for this year,
and thankfully one of those lists had been granted by ALLAH SWT

Second day in my fourth semester, my friend came to Jogja
We went to Benteng Vredeburg
One of special place when tourists come often to visit
Here, take a look some photos of us

 Our beautiful tour guide is in the middle Shabrina.
You know the place very well.

We asked someone to take our picture together. Thanks and nice shot girls :)

 Missing our guide, and we didn't know what to do. Ha !

 And the one who really know the camera took a picture, Safira :)

It was really shady under those trees and so our feet just did the swing-swing.

Actually, all of us wanted to take a picture like Cherrybelle. Only Safira did it!
Prima took a picture like a goodbye-kiss
and me ? I took a picture like in drama My Lovely Kim Sam Soon \^.^/

 I found out that this picture look like a pre-wedding picture.
Prima and me looked like a couple but actually we just argued about what a good pose.
Nice shot Shabrina !

Yeah, I'm rarely hangout because a lot of tasks that keeps surrounding around me
but at least my long-time friends
I hope that we would spend another great time again ^.<

p.s: I really hope next time, Kiki will join us along with Lucca, Nela, Chatrine, and Rika


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