Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life is a Grace

Remember the times, when other couldn't breath anymore when you were watching someone's life on the edge. Totally frightening and absolutely confused us who couldn't help but couldn't watch at the same times. That time we were being helped by ALLAH SWT, that time maybe those people are our replacements to get that terrific conditions. Imagine it, and when you realize be thankful to ALLAH SWT. No matter what we have done, what we have gotten so far that's just because ALLAH gave it to us. Just like the breath, healthy life, smart, title, grade, wealth and everything that we earned in this life are grace from ALLAH SWT.

Every little thing that we've got every day, every hours, every minutes and even every seconds be thankful. The life that we live in, life that full of journey. People aren't always at top but sometimes it takes us to be in the bottom, to live how they live. If you always regret with what you had, please reflect yourself on someone who is under you. Maybe you feel you didn't get enough but for someone else, what you've got maybe that's the greatest thing that he or she want for a long time.

I didn't brag people who I didn't know well here, I just want to tell you about my stories. I'm not goofing around here, after I pray in my daily life I won't forget to beg a forgiveness to ALLAH SWT for everything that could be wrong and I will always feel grateful with every help that ALLAH gave to me. And when I say an apology and thankful I feel really relaxed, nothing going rush on me and I could take control of my day, everything is going smoothly (:

Time is a matter to build a better life
When you understand what the quality time is
You get your life that's called

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Bucket Lists - Part II

Still, I couldn't dare to believe. but no matter how much I close my eyes then open it again. This is a reality, you know

I want to share something great here. Back then, at January 1st 2012 8:09 PM, I wrote my bucket lists. Really so much things I want to do and I want to get in this year and I didn't know how it could happen but it just like a miracle to me. Thanks to ALLAH SWT who always listen to my pray in every way. I know that ALLAH SWT will always beside me and listen to me.

You know what my dearest reader, I always have and always will thanks that my family is the best part of my life. Family that always cherish me, support me, give me a strength when I was weak, hug me when  I'm gonna cry, and the best part is that we always care each other.

I skip to the list that I get, my GP is 4 and GPA 3,91 and I had been accepted to be assistant in Biochemistry of Nutrition (: The great thing that I want to conclude is "write everything that you want in every detail and in special ways and place it at a good spot where you can read it proudly". I assume that whenever you look at it, there is something like courage that grow up in your heart bigger and bigger until at one time you really get that. It's about a chance to change your life !

Go !
Every imagination that you made, be brave to build it
Because you dream it to be happen

Friday, March 9, 2012


How much time do you use on meeting ?
How much time do you use on practice?
Hey, I don't have much time for sleeping and I'm a super busy person.

Oh No !!
Hey, listen to me
I'm spending my time 6 hours for sleeping,
5 hours watching pretty little liars and how i met your mother,
8 hours in campus to get tasks and practice
3 hours for writing in my page 1 hour for reading a novel
and 1 hour remain to do nothing

See I'm pretty busy too
You know nothing bout my life yet throw some heartless comments
 Maybe I'm not as busy as you
every imagination i made you spit on me
but I'll prove you something great

just one thing for sure,
 "I know my own ability, capability and interest"
I'm confident with myself and won't go down with such trivial matters
I like challenge things that nobody dare to touch
I dream it to be happen (:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Benteng Vredeburg

Actually, this story that I want to tell really out-of date
Lately I'm quite busy to prepare something [kekekekeke]
I have my bucket-list for this year,
and thankfully one of those lists had been granted by ALLAH SWT

Second day in my fourth semester, my friend came to Jogja
We went to Benteng Vredeburg
One of special place when tourists come often to visit
Here, take a look some photos of us

 Our beautiful tour guide is in the middle Shabrina.
You know the place very well.

We asked someone to take our picture together. Thanks and nice shot girls :)

 Missing our guide, and we didn't know what to do. Ha !

 And the one who really know the camera took a picture, Safira :)

It was really shady under those trees and so our feet just did the swing-swing.

Actually, all of us wanted to take a picture like Cherrybelle. Only Safira did it!
Prima took a picture like a goodbye-kiss
and me ? I took a picture like in drama My Lovely Kim Sam Soon \^.^/

 I found out that this picture look like a pre-wedding picture.
Prima and me looked like a couple but actually we just argued about what a good pose.
Nice shot Shabrina !

Yeah, I'm rarely hangout because a lot of tasks that keeps surrounding around me
but at least my long-time friends
I hope that we would spend another great time again ^.<

p.s: I really hope next time, Kiki will join us along with Lucca, Nela, Chatrine, and Rika