Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Runaway Bride

In the next episode of Gossip Girl Season Five, "The End Of The Affair ??"
It seems to be that our Queen B would like to runaway from her perfect Royal Wedding


She always looks gorgeous with whatever she wear,
And now she looks more gorgeous in Vera Wang's Esther Fall 2010 Collection
with illusion sweetheart soft A-line gown layered with floating chantilly lace oplaque 
and horse hair bow at waist, though the elbow-length overlay was eliminated.
Along with the beautiful gown, 
she added some peep-toe pumps to the mix,
and that amazing tiara atop Blair's glossy brunette waves.

I'm still waiting this episode to be aired on Monday, January 16th 2012
at CW 08:00 p.m

Don't miss it guys :D

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pouch of Happiness

To achieve something big,
we didn't just act, but dream bout it too;
not just a plan, but believe it too.

-Anatole France

 PM from me:

You will never be stopped if you hold your FAITH
hug the DREAMS and DO the actions BRAVELY

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lucca Yoga's Day

He is my best friend
Friend, that I want to protect

It's his birthday

Although I'm not in Jakarta right now,
for meeting you to celebrate your birthday
I'm here to create one of your precious memories in this day

Hope you'll like it cca :)

Kiss and hug from me,


All of the wishes you and i pray today,
I hope it will be granted by ALLAH SWT