Monday, November 28, 2011

My Greatest Motivator

I'm sorry that sometimes we argued about my life
that I had a little fight with you
Those times, i felt that you just think about your plan
I just think that it's about my life
and not just about your dreams
After I realized, you just think about my success
I even didn't say thanks to you

When i didn't dare to dream big
You came and lighted me up
Support me and cherish me,
When i'm sick about my condition
You give me full strength,
When i said about tuition, rent, and monthly payments
You give me the best that you could
so I can survive here,
When I was talking about a man
You think about the capable ones
The one that really good to me,
When I'm happy
You will be happier than me.

I want to tell you something My Daddy
"You are my greatest motivator that ALLAH SWT gave to me
I'm so proud of you,
your spirit, your care, your patience, your faith,
your wisdom, your discipline, and your smile"


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