Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Happy :)

I've already told all my best friend .. And still left 2 people that i haven't told them yet.
Maybe if i'm ready i'll tell them.
Yesterday, It was really great weekend for me.
I've done my practice 9 o'clock than have a great hangout with my best friend Chaterine at Amplaz.
Although it's really tiring for us to go up and down many times, but our precious time for chit-chat could't be forgotten.
All mystery, all problems, and all worries we shared together with happier plan and mind :)
And at night, my family came here.
Wonderful, isn't it ?
Thanks ALLAH for everything that you gave to me until now.
My Life is really wonderful.
Now, i recharge my energy and will fulfill my paper with 100% by my own concepts and i would like to made my paper the best among others.
So, Fight till the end.
Don't be lazy and keep diligent :)
Study hard and hope i will get my scholarship for my post graduate at Australia sooner ^^

Be Happy everyone :)

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