Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's Move On

It's really tiring and complicated to see it like that
Bring me a lot of heartbeat yet terrible feeling
I will kill this like and start a new line
I hope you could move away for at least 2 weeks from me
I beg you
Let's pray*

I will wait for someone who's better
but I didn't meet him yet.
Let's pretend like that.
Thanks for this wonderful feeling

Friday, October 28, 2011

Self Defense

 Although it's not his fault to be like that
But i like to look at you with that stand
It's better for me to look at you like that
So it's not my mistake for praying you will leave her sooner
I'm sorry
But i hope my pray will be granted :)
It's about like not love or passion.
I just want to know you better and better.
I still don't know how this feelings will end.

Self defense or leave this terrible feeling :(
Leave you or still here with same feeling.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Happy :)

I've already told all my best friend .. And still left 2 people that i haven't told them yet.
Maybe if i'm ready i'll tell them.
Yesterday, It was really great weekend for me.
I've done my practice 9 o'clock than have a great hangout with my best friend Chaterine at Amplaz.
Although it's really tiring for us to go up and down many times, but our precious time for chit-chat could't be forgotten.
All mystery, all problems, and all worries we shared together with happier plan and mind :)
And at night, my family came here.
Wonderful, isn't it ?
Thanks ALLAH for everything that you gave to me until now.
My Life is really wonderful.
Now, i recharge my energy and will fulfill my paper with 100% by my own concepts and i would like to made my paper the best among others.
So, Fight till the end.
Don't be lazy and keep diligent :)
Study hard and hope i will get my scholarship for my post graduate at Australia sooner ^^

Be Happy everyone :)

Friday, October 21, 2011


I have waited this book for a long time. After three years waited,
Finally Christopher want to release this book on 8th November 2011
Tomorrow, gonna pre ordered it at available store ^^

From Alegaesia, there is brave that hidden,
Face it Eragon !
Sharpened it Saphira !

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Winner Takes It All

Capture from the songs ABBA - The Winner Takes It All
I have some inspiration for my new quotes

"People who come to their top didn't get it by fate or fortune,
but they get it because their hard work,
When we reach that day,
Don't be hesitate to look at our past,
to see how we got here right now,
to make us always be humble and always keep in mind for our best works
The Winner Takes It All"

p.s I didn't mean that some people that always working hard is annoying
but i think it's more enjoyable to see them,
because we can see how they really take their own victory someday in future