Friday, April 1, 2011

The first meeting

My teacher told me [i mean all of my colleague's friends] that people has the first impression when they first met .. he gave me some incredible reasons that i must agree with him that i will use that indirectly :)

#1 Dress-Code
it's simple but some people might be interest in some people who attract them by her or his outlook .. when you see them in some place which need some formal dress but he/she wear some informal dress that will lead people to judge him/her that she/he didn't know about manners .. yeah in Indonesia manner is number one because the culture still about the past .. Emm my teacher also taught me, when an investor come in your room to make an agreement but you just wear some t-shirts and shorts that must be your negative point ..

#2 Speaking
people who under control or not must show his/her true self without him/her knowing .. these often seem at conference when all of question faced you, you will answer just like what you always did with or without you think about it first .. it just like a common phrase that your words normally flow out from your mouth when your daily activities had been talked ..

#3 Body Language
same with the speaking with or without you knowing your body will answer the questions perfectly just like what you did everyday .. it' some sense from your body ..

if we think about it now, it seem ridiculous and terrific .. but trust me people always judge others by that .. it's normal you know .. just absorbed it and think about your self for this complex habit ..



  1. super agree, especially point 1 :)

  2. Hahaha .. exactly just for shoes addicted >.<"

  3. like this post ;)