Monday, April 4, 2011

Chinese Again ??

I don't know, but in a good mood .. it's not like i'm in love again .. just need a little fun things about things like that .. just to make the diary of my life look like rainbow .. it's not love, you know the meaning of "like as a fan" .. it will last not so long .. but i know that i must chase my reality over my imagination about Kim Jaejoong but i will not give up about my dream to meet him .. i'm sure that one day i'll meet with him with my own efforts .. i just hope that i could see him face to face ..
i just want to shout out that i still like this type :
#1 Chinese Person
i dunno why but i love that type .. random type :) hmmm .. LOL my friend told me that i still like the past even so my past was terrible and i will not do that again

#2 Capable Man
of course, you know from the first start we met that must some signals that he is capable than i was and that type of person will take care of their women .. hmmm

#3 older than me
I love person who older than me .. I just thought that he must be capable no matter what even so that's not the point .. just random again !!

#4 "O" type
exactly i love this type .. type that could show their humor and not peculiar after all .. my daddy is o type .. and JJ is also O type .. I love it ^^

Hmmm .. i know that i'm a little forgot about things like 'Love' because what i want right now is i graduate with the best mark :)

Keep Fighting everyone :)

Diary of 18 old years girl


  1. Kyaa kyaa .. it's complicated but i love being like this ^^
    i hope you will always happy too besties :)
    For us, For Nerong !! Happy ending ~

  2. I will always happy for you :)