Sunday, April 24, 2011


Believe, hope the best,
Believe on your skills to
Create what you want, and
Know that you deserve to get that-
It can be shown by a lot of ways.
This can be shown
By believe with something
even when beyond the world
looks like figure something different.

-Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

P.S from me :
When i truly believe that i would see the best mark,
I know that it would be the best.
But when i thought worse than the best mark,
it would really bad.
What i want to said just everything that run on your mind,
that's definetely the result that you will get.
Because you think about it, do it, and get it !

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ini psikotest diajarin sama temenku  Pim Pim .. Dan nyoba banyak yang kacau balau .. LOL
1. Pertama-tama tulis angka 1 sampai sebelas di kertas anda secara vertikal (atas ke bawah)
>> Udah ..
2. Tulis angka yang paling kamu senang (antara 1-11) disebelah angka No.1 dan 2
3. Tulis 2 nama orang (lawan jenis) yang kamu kenal, masing-masing di No.3 dan No.7.
4. Tulis 3 nama orang yang kamu kenal di No.4, 5, dan 6. Disini kamu boleh menulis nama orang di keluarga, teman, kenalan. Siapapun OK. Cuma harus yang kamu kenal!
5. Di no.8, 9, 10 dan 11 kamu tulis nama judul lagu yang berbeda-beda!
6. Terakhir, tulis kamu punya permohonan.

My Test :
>> 1. 33
>> 2. 9
>> 3. Abah (My Daddy) = menurut petunjuknya nomer 3 tuh menunjukkan nama orang yang dicintai, ya iyalah aku sayang sama ayahku .. LOL
>> 4. Ibuk (My Mom) =orang yang paling penting bagi saya .. It's true .. Emm kalo g ada mom, saya nggak akan ada disini dan nulis kayak gini ..
>> 5. My Bestiest who far away, Kikik ..  = orang yang paling mengerti hidup ku .. benar sekali kik .. haha kapanpun dan dimanapun kau selalu ada .. hahaha .. bukan melankolis sih tapi bener kok .. walaupun terkadang isi SMS kita sotoy, tapi i always like it .. just the way you are ..
>> 6. New friend and new hope .. always easy going and smile Maharani Inka = orang yang membawa keberuntungan bagi seorang Miss Phaphi .. Hahahaha .. Iya sih, walaupun sulit diakui .. Hahahaha .. Tapi sejak ketemu Rani hidupku bisa dibawa dengan santai .. LOL .. Gomawo onnie ^^
>> 7. Ilmi = Adekku ini menurut hasil psikotest adalah cinta yang bertepuk sebelah tangan .. Apakah ini ada maksud kalo sering bertengkar jadi kayak gini ??!!
>> 8. Mirotic .. Hahaha ini lagu disuruh dedikasiin untuk my dad .. LOL .. biar beliau setuju saya menikah dengan Jaepa [mwoooo :)]
>> 9. Purple Line .. Lagu yang ini buat si mimin ILMI .. LOL .. Hahaha .. Tau aja kalo adekku juga suka sama Dong Bang Shin Ki .. hahahahha
>> 10. Bolero .. Lagu yang melukiskan hati saya .. Iya too ?? hahahhaha .. no comment .. i mean it's true ..
>> 11. My Destiny  .. Lagu yang melukiskan hidup saya .. semoga oo semoga .. Hahaha

 "For my wish, i think it just need me who knows it
It's a secret that i want to be granted in my life
and a secret i would never tell "

By The Way kalo mau nyoba silahkan .. Tapi jangan ngelirik ke makna dari soal nya dulu .. kan nggak seru nanti .. I like it .. Refreshing in the morning with funny things ^^

Smile :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chinese Again ??

I don't know, but in a good mood .. it's not like i'm in love again .. just need a little fun things about things like that .. just to make the diary of my life look like rainbow .. it's not love, you know the meaning of "like as a fan" .. it will last not so long .. but i know that i must chase my reality over my imagination about Kim Jaejoong but i will not give up about my dream to meet him .. i'm sure that one day i'll meet with him with my own efforts .. i just hope that i could see him face to face ..
i just want to shout out that i still like this type :
#1 Chinese Person
i dunno why but i love that type .. random type :) hmmm .. LOL my friend told me that i still like the past even so my past was terrible and i will not do that again

#2 Capable Man
of course, you know from the first start we met that must some signals that he is capable than i was and that type of person will take care of their women .. hmmm

#3 older than me
I love person who older than me .. I just thought that he must be capable no matter what even so that's not the point .. just random again !!

#4 "O" type
exactly i love this type .. type that could show their humor and not peculiar after all .. my daddy is o type .. and JJ is also O type .. I love it ^^

Hmmm .. i know that i'm a little forgot about things like 'Love' because what i want right now is i graduate with the best mark :)

Keep Fighting everyone :)

Diary of 18 old years girl

Friday, April 1, 2011

The first meeting

My teacher told me [i mean all of my colleague's friends] that people has the first impression when they first met .. he gave me some incredible reasons that i must agree with him that i will use that indirectly :)

#1 Dress-Code
it's simple but some people might be interest in some people who attract them by her or his outlook .. when you see them in some place which need some formal dress but he/she wear some informal dress that will lead people to judge him/her that she/he didn't know about manners .. yeah in Indonesia manner is number one because the culture still about the past .. Emm my teacher also taught me, when an investor come in your room to make an agreement but you just wear some t-shirts and shorts that must be your negative point ..

#2 Speaking
people who under control or not must show his/her true self without him/her knowing .. these often seem at conference when all of question faced you, you will answer just like what you always did with or without you think about it first .. it just like a common phrase that your words normally flow out from your mouth when your daily activities had been talked ..

#3 Body Language
same with the speaking with or without you knowing your body will answer the questions perfectly just like what you did everyday .. it' some sense from your body ..

if we think about it now, it seem ridiculous and terrific .. but trust me people always judge others by that .. it's normal you know .. just absorbed it and think about your self for this complex habit ..