Thursday, March 24, 2011

Song of The Month

Emm .. Start from the first track that i always play in this month for several times :)

1 . JaeSu - To My Bride
This song really have beautiful meanings :) Thanks to Yurisangja for making this song .. I really want to sing this song with someone who i love .. Saranghae ^.<

2. Ken Hirai - Hitomi Wo Tojite
I knowthis song from the past .. But i started to like it again when i always remember Jae's voice sing this song gracefully .. I Love this song !!

3. Kim Ah Jong - Byul (Star)
I like this song again :) the melody :D

4. Park Bom - You and I
I like lyrics from this song when she said "You ..."

5. 2NE1 - Clap Your Hands !
I like this song because the upbeat made me energic and happy :)

Just share,

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