Thursday, March 24, 2011

I couldn't tell you this ....

i'm not in a good mood .. again !! i don't know why this things become like this .. you know how much i care about you .. how much efforts i put to cover this secret .. but you couldn't face it by yourself when everyone start to know it .. you just said "it's okay to tell that" .. but do you know how much stressed i got from that ?? the questions that i couldn't answer coz i'm not you who really know this situation .. I know i know ..
but why , why ??
you didn't care about yourself but make that decision .. i didn't think that "it" will lead into serious danger but you didn't prove that you can give them the best .. you still the same with past years .. i know you have good luck .. but future is not just like lucky things but it more than that .. i couldn't tell you this coz i'm worried that you would be angry to me .. You are very important to me .. but i still want you to know it .. but it would be better if you know it by yourself right ?? please understand me .. i don't want this to make a hole in our important relation ..

I hope so .. please ..

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