Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What things you needed the most when you were mad ??

Haha ..
It's refreshing right now ..
No bashful and keep silent for 'silly comments' .. now it's time for me to tell you what i would do when i were so angry ..

1. Singing
Ahahaha .. I like singing .. Really really like it .. No wonder every day i will sing at least one .. >.<" but when i got really mad i sing louder and out of normal .. some like over pitch .. kekekekeke .. but when i sang like that all my anger were gone .. Ooo you must think why it disappear so fast .. Just put all of my emotion to this and i forgot them a little ..

2. Watch Jaejoong JYJ
All of my anger went suddenly when i looked at him .. I dunno why but his cute smile and dorkable laugh make me fly .. Hmm .. No wonder he still in my first spot .. do you know how i arranged my idol ??
check this out : Jaejoong-Kim > Junsu-Kim > Joong Ki-Song > Chace Crawford > Junho-Lee > Jonghun-Choi ..
Kekeke .. so greedy .. LOL .. but yeah just like that ..

3. Watch korean variety show
Now i like running man .. i also like hapy together, family outing season 1, we got married, haha mong show, idol army and many more .. it's really ridiculous but fun ..

4. Express adrenaline
i love when my adrenaline went out and then i shouted so loudly .. it made all of my burden out ..

that's how i express my anger and depressed it ..
how about you ??

My Diary

Miss Phaphi

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