Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm still confused and always confuse when i think about it .. In my soul i always wants to study Economic Major whatever the subjects are .. But in my head and in my eyes i always see my dad really wanted me to study Animal Science Major that could lead me to be entrepreneur and make a family company along with my older brother .. But i couldn't help that sometimes i regret my opinion to choose this path but sometimes courages come and i want to survive here .. And one phrase that could describe me right now, i don't wanna see my dad full with gloomy .. i know that dad always support me whatever i took, but i just want to make his wish to be come true .. I know it's cruel decision in my life that i sacrifice my dream and do my dad's dream .. But sometimes i look outside that someone doesn't have any affection from his father like i always have in my life .. And i'm so happy that i have dad like him .. It's so perfect to have a family that can complete each other .. My dream that could lead me to be accountant; manager; and even director i have to burn it, haven't i ?? or i should take my dream and make my dad's dream vanished away ??

But i used to have everything that i wanted in my life and my dad always grant things that i want although my mom reject it .. He always support me no matter what and give me some cherish smile .. We always say, "FIGHTING" together whenever we were in trouble .. 

I want to see my dad's smile with my success in my major now .. My life are completely about my dad and my family .. So i defeat my dream and chase my dad's dream that i assume that ALLAH SWT gave me this path that could make my family and my dad will be proud of having me .. I believe that ALLAH SWT gave me the best choice and the best chance in my life so i could find my happiness .. Sooner or Later .. Coz sometimes my objection isn't the best option for my life :)

I will be all that you want .... :D

♪  ♪ Leona Lewis - I Will Be ♪  ♪

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alamat Jurnal

Buat pembaca di jurusan science terutama yang banyak praktikum, ini sedikit alamat jurnal untuk "animal science major" kalau nanti ada info alamat jurnal baru akan aku posting-in lagi .. selamat belajar :)

fighting !!

General Animal Science




General Animal Science 2


I love saturday night :)

Aku akan selalu tersenyum bila aku mengingat hari kemarin .. Walaupun hanya sekedar menengok, tetapi itu sangat penting karena aku sungguh sangat merindukan keluargaku .. Mom, Dad, Little bro : D

Hari yang sangat indah dan aku membiarkan keajaiban itu datang kepadaku ..

Let miracle comes to you and it will surprise you :) 

Tadaaaa ^^

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Antrean Jadwal Praktikum yang Panjang ..

Nggak tau sih tapi nyesel aja Minggu kemarin nggak pulang .. Kalo tau Minggu ini udah dikasih tugas buat bikin pre-lap juga bakalan balik aku, tapi kemarin nggak balik karena capek banget musti bolak balik Jogja Salatiga yang sekarang makan waktu hampir 5 jam .. Capek juga buat duduk lama-lama di bus .. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Secret To Make It Great

You saw the things that existed and said, "Why ?"
But i dream about the things that had never been existed and said, "Why Not ? "
- George Bernard Shaw

I learn something from that quotes that dream isn't a bad thing for me to boast but to prove it that with a little rasio i could make that happen :)

~ Miss Phaphi

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What things you needed the most when you were mad ??

Haha ..
It's refreshing right now ..
No bashful and keep silent for 'silly comments' .. now it's time for me to tell you what i would do when i were so angry ..

1. Singing
Ahahaha .. I like singing .. Really really like it .. No wonder every day i will sing at least one .. >.<" but when i got really mad i sing louder and out of normal .. some like over pitch .. kekekekeke .. but when i sang like that all my anger were gone .. Ooo you must think why it disappear so fast .. Just put all of my emotion to this and i forgot them a little ..