Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Runaway Bride

In the next episode of Gossip Girl Season Five, "The End Of The Affair ??"
It seems to be that our Queen B would like to runaway from her perfect Royal Wedding


She always looks gorgeous with whatever she wear,
And now she looks more gorgeous in Vera Wang's Esther Fall 2010 Collection
with illusion sweetheart soft A-line gown layered with floating chantilly lace oplaque 
and horse hair bow at waist, though the elbow-length overlay was eliminated.
Along with the beautiful gown, 
she added some peep-toe pumps to the mix,
and that amazing tiara atop Blair's glossy brunette waves.

I'm still waiting this episode to be aired on Monday, January 16th 2012
at CW 08:00 p.m

Don't miss it guys :D

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pouch of Happiness

To achieve something big,
we didn't just act, but dream bout it too;
not just a plan, but believe it too.

-Anatole France

 PM from me:

You will never be stopped if you hold your FAITH
hug the DREAMS and DO the actions BRAVELY

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lucca Yoga's Day

He is my best friend
Friend, that I want to protect

It's his birthday

Although I'm not in Jakarta right now,
for meeting you to celebrate your birthday
I'm here to create one of your precious memories in this day

Hope you'll like it cca :)

Kiss and hug from me,


All of the wishes you and i pray today,
I hope it will be granted by ALLAH SWT

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Greatest Motivator

I'm sorry that sometimes we argued about my life
that I had a little fight with you
Those times, i felt that you just think about your plan
I just think that it's about my life
and not just about your dreams
After I realized, you just think about my success
I even didn't say thanks to you

When i didn't dare to dream big
You came and lighted me up
Support me and cherish me,
When i'm sick about my condition
You give me full strength,
When i said about tuition, rent, and monthly payments
You give me the best that you could
so I can survive here,
When I was talking about a man
You think about the capable ones
The one that really good to me,
When I'm happy
You will be happier than me.

I want to tell you something My Daddy
"You are my greatest motivator that ALLAH SWT gave to me
I'm so proud of you,
your spirit, your care, your patience, your faith,
your wisdom, your discipline, and your smile"


Thursday, November 24, 2011

When a gift is gonna be the best

"Give me a thousand reasons
to keep me straight at my motives
Give me a thousand hugs
to hold my principle
Give me a thousand kisses
to bring up my dreams
Give me a thousand love
to grab my success"

Doing the best at every moves i make is my intention
Being the best is my result

-Insani Hubi

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kisses for Dreams

"Give me a kiss to create a dream,
So it will grow faster at the top of the kiss."

- Louis Armstrong

P.M from me,
When you have some inspiration,
give it a try, give it a fertilizer to grow up
don't give up in the middle of process
When you have problems
see what's the point
reflect it, learn it, change it

Change your thinking, change your world
Kiss your faith, dreams come true

Fighting !

Insani Hubi

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's Move On

It's really tiring and complicated to see it like that
Bring me a lot of heartbeat yet terrible feeling
I will kill this like and start a new line
I hope you could move away for at least 2 weeks from me
I beg you
Let's pray*

I will wait for someone who's better
but I didn't meet him yet.
Let's pretend like that.
Thanks for this wonderful feeling

Friday, October 28, 2011

Self Defense

 Although it's not his fault to be like that
But i like to look at you with that stand
It's better for me to look at you like that
So it's not my mistake for praying you will leave her sooner
I'm sorry
But i hope my pray will be granted :)
It's about like not love or passion.
I just want to know you better and better.
I still don't know how this feelings will end.

Self defense or leave this terrible feeling :(
Leave you or still here with same feeling.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Happy :)

I've already told all my best friend .. And still left 2 people that i haven't told them yet.
Maybe if i'm ready i'll tell them.
Yesterday, It was really great weekend for me.
I've done my practice 9 o'clock than have a great hangout with my best friend Chaterine at Amplaz.
Although it's really tiring for us to go up and down many times, but our precious time for chit-chat could't be forgotten.
All mystery, all problems, and all worries we shared together with happier plan and mind :)
And at night, my family came here.
Wonderful, isn't it ?
Thanks ALLAH for everything that you gave to me until now.
My Life is really wonderful.
Now, i recharge my energy and will fulfill my paper with 100% by my own concepts and i would like to made my paper the best among others.
So, Fight till the end.
Don't be lazy and keep diligent :)
Study hard and hope i will get my scholarship for my post graduate at Australia sooner ^^

Be Happy everyone :)

Friday, October 21, 2011


I have waited this book for a long time. After three years waited,
Finally Christopher want to release this book on 8th November 2011
Tomorrow, gonna pre ordered it at available store ^^

From Alegaesia, there is brave that hidden,
Face it Eragon !
Sharpened it Saphira !

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Winner Takes It All

Capture from the songs ABBA - The Winner Takes It All
I have some inspiration for my new quotes

"People who come to their top didn't get it by fate or fortune,
but they get it because their hard work,
When we reach that day,
Don't be hesitate to look at our past,
to see how we got here right now,
to make us always be humble and always keep in mind for our best works
The Winner Takes It All"

p.s I didn't mean that some people that always working hard is annoying
but i think it's more enjoyable to see them,
because we can see how they really take their own victory someday in future



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make It Happen

Only two ways for living your Life
First, live likes miracle will never be existed
Second, live likes everything is miracle

-Albert Einstein

P.S. from me
Sometimes we didn't realize who blocked that miracle
Let it be
Let it come
And make it happen
It's truly from you, for you, and by yourself

When Girls Meet Pink

Series of Korean Vogue bring us to meet ladies with her favorite color.
Some multi-talented artists give us some inspirations,
that pink always comfort ladies :)

* Kim SoEun with Lovely Cakes *

* Go Hye Sun Simple for Ladies who always busy *

* Seo In Young Nice Cat *

*Park Min Young Ladies from Sungkyunkwan Scandal *

* Cha Ye Ryun Nice Wedges and Big Strawberry *

* Park Shin Hye I heart your Cap *

* Yoon Eun Hye Nice Ribbons*

* Yoon Eun Hye I Love your heels *

* Maknae Sulli, You are so cute *

It always give girls or ladies something like "must have items"
But others, said it doesn't
Actually Pink always give girls something like domination..
Cause it likes our icons in fashion..

Just share,

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Believe, hope the best,
Believe on your skills to
Create what you want, and
Know that you deserve to get that-
It can be shown by a lot of ways.
This can be shown
By believe with something
even when beyond the world
looks like figure something different.

-Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

P.S from me :
When i truly believe that i would see the best mark,
I know that it would be the best.
But when i thought worse than the best mark,
it would really bad.
What i want to said just everything that run on your mind,
that's definetely the result that you will get.
Because you think about it, do it, and get it !

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ini psikotest diajarin sama temenku  Pim Pim .. Dan nyoba banyak yang kacau balau .. LOL
1. Pertama-tama tulis angka 1 sampai sebelas di kertas anda secara vertikal (atas ke bawah)
>> Udah ..
2. Tulis angka yang paling kamu senang (antara 1-11) disebelah angka No.1 dan 2
3. Tulis 2 nama orang (lawan jenis) yang kamu kenal, masing-masing di No.3 dan No.7.
4. Tulis 3 nama orang yang kamu kenal di No.4, 5, dan 6. Disini kamu boleh menulis nama orang di keluarga, teman, kenalan. Siapapun OK. Cuma harus yang kamu kenal!
5. Di no.8, 9, 10 dan 11 kamu tulis nama judul lagu yang berbeda-beda!
6. Terakhir, tulis kamu punya permohonan.

My Test :
>> 1. 33
>> 2. 9
>> 3. Abah (My Daddy) = menurut petunjuknya nomer 3 tuh menunjukkan nama orang yang dicintai, ya iyalah aku sayang sama ayahku .. LOL
>> 4. Ibuk (My Mom) =orang yang paling penting bagi saya .. It's true .. Emm kalo g ada mom, saya nggak akan ada disini dan nulis kayak gini ..
>> 5. My Bestiest who far away, Kikik ..  = orang yang paling mengerti hidup ku .. benar sekali kik .. haha kapanpun dan dimanapun kau selalu ada .. hahaha .. bukan melankolis sih tapi bener kok .. walaupun terkadang isi SMS kita sotoy, tapi i always like it .. just the way you are ..
>> 6. New friend and new hope .. always easy going and smile Maharani Inka = orang yang membawa keberuntungan bagi seorang Miss Phaphi .. Hahahaha .. Iya sih, walaupun sulit diakui .. Hahahaha .. Tapi sejak ketemu Rani hidupku bisa dibawa dengan santai .. LOL .. Gomawo onnie ^^
>> 7. Ilmi = Adekku ini menurut hasil psikotest adalah cinta yang bertepuk sebelah tangan .. Apakah ini ada maksud kalo sering bertengkar jadi kayak gini ??!!
>> 8. Mirotic .. Hahaha ini lagu disuruh dedikasiin untuk my dad .. LOL .. biar beliau setuju saya menikah dengan Jaepa [mwoooo :)]
>> 9. Purple Line .. Lagu yang ini buat si mimin ILMI .. LOL .. Hahaha .. Tau aja kalo adekku juga suka sama Dong Bang Shin Ki .. hahahahha
>> 10. Bolero .. Lagu yang melukiskan hati saya .. Iya too ?? hahahhaha .. no comment .. i mean it's true ..
>> 11. My Destiny  .. Lagu yang melukiskan hidup saya .. semoga oo semoga .. Hahaha

 "For my wish, i think it just need me who knows it
It's a secret that i want to be granted in my life
and a secret i would never tell "

By The Way kalo mau nyoba silahkan .. Tapi jangan ngelirik ke makna dari soal nya dulu .. kan nggak seru nanti .. I like it .. Refreshing in the morning with funny things ^^

Smile :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chinese Again ??

I don't know, but in a good mood .. it's not like i'm in love again .. just need a little fun things about things like that .. just to make the diary of my life look like rainbow .. it's not love, you know the meaning of "like as a fan" .. it will last not so long .. but i know that i must chase my reality over my imagination about Kim Jaejoong but i will not give up about my dream to meet him .. i'm sure that one day i'll meet with him with my own efforts .. i just hope that i could see him face to face ..
i just want to shout out that i still like this type :
#1 Chinese Person
i dunno why but i love that type .. random type :) hmmm .. LOL my friend told me that i still like the past even so my past was terrible and i will not do that again

#2 Capable Man
of course, you know from the first start we met that must some signals that he is capable than i was and that type of person will take care of their women .. hmmm

#3 older than me
I love person who older than me .. I just thought that he must be capable no matter what even so that's not the point .. just random again !!

#4 "O" type
exactly i love this type .. type that could show their humor and not peculiar after all .. my daddy is o type .. and JJ is also O type .. I love it ^^

Hmmm .. i know that i'm a little forgot about things like 'Love' because what i want right now is i graduate with the best mark :)

Keep Fighting everyone :)

Diary of 18 old years girl

Friday, April 1, 2011

The first meeting

My teacher told me [i mean all of my colleague's friends] that people has the first impression when they first met .. he gave me some incredible reasons that i must agree with him that i will use that indirectly :)

#1 Dress-Code
it's simple but some people might be interest in some people who attract them by her or his outlook .. when you see them in some place which need some formal dress but he/she wear some informal dress that will lead people to judge him/her that she/he didn't know about manners .. yeah in Indonesia manner is number one because the culture still about the past .. Emm my teacher also taught me, when an investor come in your room to make an agreement but you just wear some t-shirts and shorts that must be your negative point ..

#2 Speaking
people who under control or not must show his/her true self without him/her knowing .. these often seem at conference when all of question faced you, you will answer just like what you always did with or without you think about it first .. it just like a common phrase that your words normally flow out from your mouth when your daily activities had been talked ..

#3 Body Language
same with the speaking with or without you knowing your body will answer the questions perfectly just like what you did everyday .. it' some sense from your body ..

if we think about it now, it seem ridiculous and terrific .. but trust me people always judge others by that .. it's normal you know .. just absorbed it and think about your self for this complex habit ..


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I couldn't tell you this ....

i'm not in a good mood .. again !! i don't know why this things become like this .. you know how much i care about you .. how much efforts i put to cover this secret .. but you couldn't face it by yourself when everyone start to know it .. you just said "it's okay to tell that" .. but do you know how much stressed i got from that ?? the questions that i couldn't answer coz i'm not you who really know this situation .. I know i know ..
but why , why ??
you didn't care about yourself but make that decision .. i didn't think that "it" will lead into serious danger but you didn't prove that you can give them the best .. you still the same with past years .. i know you have good luck .. but future is not just like lucky things but it more than that .. i couldn't tell you this coz i'm worried that you would be angry to me .. You are very important to me .. but i still want you to know it .. but it would be better if you know it by yourself right ?? please understand me .. i don't want this to make a hole in our important relation ..

I hope so .. please ..

Song of The Month

Emm .. Start from the first track that i always play in this month for several times :)

1 . JaeSu - To My Bride
This song really have beautiful meanings :) Thanks to Yurisangja for making this song .. I really want to sing this song with someone who i love .. Saranghae ^.<

2. Ken Hirai - Hitomi Wo Tojite
I knowthis song from the past .. But i started to like it again when i always remember Jae's voice sing this song gracefully .. I Love this song !!

3. Kim Ah Jong - Byul (Star)
I like this song again :) the melody :D

4. Park Bom - You and I
I like lyrics from this song when she said "You ..."

5. 2NE1 - Clap Your Hands !
I like this song because the upbeat made me energic and happy :)

Just share,

Saturday, March 12, 2011


One day i'll marry someone who really understand me outer and inside my heart .. That dy must be my wonderful day i've ever had in this world because that miracle comes to me to give me chance to love someone and keep on affection on him until i die .. And that day i have my other half in this world .. It's not about twin matter but someone who i can rely on, someone who always beside me support me whatever the condition .. I will always wait for him who i didn't know specifically, and i didn't know where he belong right now ..

One day we will share happiness and sadness together and our relationship must be stronger than before .. Although i didn't know who you are i will always trust you ♥

♥ ♪  ♪  To My Bride ♪  ♪ 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i'm angry

i just not in a good mood ..
i dunno why but feel some irritated ??
yeah i'm used to it but just not good after all ..
it's me .. and i cant change myself to be anyone else .. coz it me that want that dream .. so this is a feeling to be bashed .. so scary ..
sorry for annoying you ..

but this is me !!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Dia satu-satunya sahabat cowok yang sangat loyal dengan temannya, tapi aku justru mengajarinya cara bodoh dalam menghadapi masalah .. Ya itu masa lalu, tapi kini ia justru kecanduan untuk melakukannya ketika ada masalah .. Aku sudah berhenti melakukan hal kejam seperti itu pada diriku sendiri .. Memotong urat nadi dan meninggalkan bekas luka itulah yang sampai saat ini mengingatkan masa suramku dulu .. ketika aku melihatnya aku tak mampu untuk berdiri dan melangkah jauh dari kegagalanku karena aku akan mencari tahu "mengapa masalah ini terjadi dalam hidupku??" Aku hanya bergeming, melihatnya dan mengingat masa lalu yang sebenarnya tak ingin kuingat .. Aku melakukan hal sadis kepada hidupku sendiri !! Dan aku membuat sahabatku terus melakukannya .. Sahabat macam apa aku ini ?! Maaf pun mungkin tak bisa membuatku melupakan kesalahanku terhadapmu .. Kau sungguh berharga .. Sangat berharga .. Maaf maaf dan maaf .. Apabila hal ini terus berulang, apa yang harus aku lakukan ?? Sekarang ini hidupku lebih tenang dan damai tapi sahabatku tidak .. Aku mulai mencari tahu kalau bukan aku yang mencintai diriku sendiri, tidak akan ada orang yang bisa menghargaiku nantinya .. Aku benar ingin menangis saat ini .. Aku sungguh tak tau cara apa yang harus aku lakukan, solusi apa yang harus aku temukan untuk membimbing Sahabatku ke jalan yang lurus .. Hidup memang tak selamanya berada di jalan yang lurus karena itulah warna hidup ada lika-liku masalah yang kita hadapi untuk memeberi tantangan besar dalam hidup kita .. 

Cinta itu akan hadir kembali suatu saat nanti , aku yakin itu .. Meski bukan sekarang .. Tapi lebih baik mengetahui hal yang menyakitkan saat ini, kau akan tahu nanti bagaimana cara menyelesaikannya .. Semua butuh waktu .. Tidak hanya kau, tetapi teman-temanmu yang lain pasti memiliki saat-saat seperti itu .. 

Aku ingin mengajakmu bersemangat , apa aku bisa ?? 
Tersenyumlah, kami akan selalu ada untukmu :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Warning !! Warning !! Alert !! Alert !!

hiahahahahahaha banyak orang sotoy berkeliaran .. gilak !! gilak !! gilak !!

ini teman [kakak kelas] semua sotoy nya minta ampun .. hahaha :0 kenapa bisa begitu ?? ya dua orang sudah tuh kakak kelas [orangnya beda] dah bikin bingung jiwaku sama jiwa sahabat baikku yang nun jauh di mato si teong .. Aigooo .. sial sial !!

untungnya aja tuh beda orang .. tapi kenapa dari kelas yang sama ?? ahh .. berarti umur tua bukanlah penjamin kalo orang itu dewasa dan pengertian .. kyaaa kyaa kyaa .. tertipu ..

♪  ♪ Lady Gaga - Poker Face ♪  ♪


Dulu memang aku sempat menaruhmu dalam hatiku .. Ya dulu dan sekarang, dengan posisi yang berbeda tentunya :) Sekarang ini aku hanya menganggapmu sebagai teman, walaupun kau terus bicara kau akan menungguku, menunggu hal yang tak pasti dariku ..

Aku selalu bilang, lebih baik tau daripada tidak tau sama sekali .. Aku pernah mengenal perasaan itu dua kali, tapi hal itu berakhir tidak seperti yang aku harapkan .. Hal yang seharusnya patut aku ceritakan di saat kehidupan tuaku nanti .. tapi tidak , aku telah melampauinya, bukan aku melupakanmu .. Aku tau rasa itu, dan untuk saat ini aku nggak mau rasa sakit itu datang kembali yang pada akhirnya hanya membawa sebuah jalan buntu untukku :( aku belum bisa dan maaf, inilah aku !!

Ini aku !! Ini aku !! Ini aku !! bila kau mau menunggu ketidakpastianku, aku ingin sekali berkata "jangan menunggu" bukan karena aku nggak pantas ditunggu tapi akan ada rasa beban yang ada di pundakku bila aku menyakiti orang itu ..

Kau seharusnya tau luka itu, luka yang mungkin nggak akan pernah hilang dalam kehidupanku nanti .. bahkan mungkin ketika aku bersanding di samping lelaki lain .. Luka itu, setidaknya selalu mengingatkanku atas segala sesuatu .. Aku memang mudah percaya dengan setiap perhatian tulus yang ditujukan terhadapku .. Tapi itu dulu, perlahan aku merubah diriku menjadi orang yang sedikit tertutup, berteman dengan buku, berhalusinasi .. Ya itu aku !! Aku masih belum sanggup membuka hati untuk sesuatu yang baru, aku nggak akan munafik dan bilang aku takut melukai hatimu tapi aku takut kalau aku belum siap dan itu akan merusak tatanan hidup yang sekarang sudah mulai aku rancang dengan indah .. Kehidupanku kelak yang sudah aku susun dengan kebahagiaan yang akan selalu menghiasi hari-hariku ..

Dan kini aku yakin aku bisa berkata, aku belum siap jadi aku tidak akan melakukannya :) Dan itu memang lebih baik untuk masa depan kita bersama karena kita sendiri nggak tau di saat perjalanan kita nantinya kita akan bertemu dengan siapa, dimana dan bagaimana ..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tadi aku ikutan kuliah ALLTECH .. semacam perusahaan di bidang pakan ternak yang memiliki misi menggunakan bahan non antibiotik .. Disini sering diadain lomba paper .. Kakak angkatanku ada yang menang sampai Asia Pasifik dan jujur itu memotivasiku untuk berpartisipasi dalam event event seperti ini :)

Semoga :)

Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm still confused and always confuse when i think about it .. In my soul i always wants to study Economic Major whatever the subjects are .. But in my head and in my eyes i always see my dad really wanted me to study Animal Science Major that could lead me to be entrepreneur and make a family company along with my older brother .. But i couldn't help that sometimes i regret my opinion to choose this path but sometimes courages come and i want to survive here .. And one phrase that could describe me right now, i don't wanna see my dad full with gloomy .. i know that dad always support me whatever i took, but i just want to make his wish to be come true .. I know it's cruel decision in my life that i sacrifice my dream and do my dad's dream .. But sometimes i look outside that someone doesn't have any affection from his father like i always have in my life .. And i'm so happy that i have dad like him .. It's so perfect to have a family that can complete each other .. My dream that could lead me to be accountant; manager; and even director i have to burn it, haven't i ?? or i should take my dream and make my dad's dream vanished away ??

But i used to have everything that i wanted in my life and my dad always grant things that i want although my mom reject it .. He always support me no matter what and give me some cherish smile .. We always say, "FIGHTING" together whenever we were in trouble .. 

I want to see my dad's smile with my success in my major now .. My life are completely about my dad and my family .. So i defeat my dream and chase my dad's dream that i assume that ALLAH SWT gave me this path that could make my family and my dad will be proud of having me .. I believe that ALLAH SWT gave me the best choice and the best chance in my life so i could find my happiness .. Sooner or Later .. Coz sometimes my objection isn't the best option for my life :)

I will be all that you want .... :D

♪  ♪ Leona Lewis - I Will Be ♪  ♪

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alamat Jurnal

Buat pembaca di jurusan science terutama yang banyak praktikum, ini sedikit alamat jurnal untuk "animal science major" kalau nanti ada info alamat jurnal baru akan aku posting-in lagi .. selamat belajar :)

fighting !!

General Animal Science




General Animal Science 2


I love saturday night :)

Aku akan selalu tersenyum bila aku mengingat hari kemarin .. Walaupun hanya sekedar menengok, tetapi itu sangat penting karena aku sungguh sangat merindukan keluargaku .. Mom, Dad, Little bro : D

Hari yang sangat indah dan aku membiarkan keajaiban itu datang kepadaku ..

Let miracle comes to you and it will surprise you :) 

Tadaaaa ^^

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Antrean Jadwal Praktikum yang Panjang ..

Nggak tau sih tapi nyesel aja Minggu kemarin nggak pulang .. Kalo tau Minggu ini udah dikasih tugas buat bikin pre-lap juga bakalan balik aku, tapi kemarin nggak balik karena capek banget musti bolak balik Jogja Salatiga yang sekarang makan waktu hampir 5 jam .. Capek juga buat duduk lama-lama di bus .. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Secret To Make It Great

You saw the things that existed and said, "Why ?"
But i dream about the things that had never been existed and said, "Why Not ? "
- George Bernard Shaw

I learn something from that quotes that dream isn't a bad thing for me to boast but to prove it that with a little rasio i could make that happen :)

~ Miss Phaphi

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What things you needed the most when you were mad ??

Haha ..
It's refreshing right now ..
No bashful and keep silent for 'silly comments' .. now it's time for me to tell you what i would do when i were so angry ..

1. Singing
Ahahaha .. I like singing .. Really really like it .. No wonder every day i will sing at least one .. >.<" but when i got really mad i sing louder and out of normal .. some like over pitch .. kekekekeke .. but when i sang like that all my anger were gone .. Ooo you must think why it disappear so fast .. Just put all of my emotion to this and i forgot them a little ..