Thursday, March 18, 2010

A rollercoaster had just begun

17 years ago.. i used to cry and disturbing my parents in the middle of the night. everything they gave to me. anything i gave to them in that time. i never think that i must give them some special present that can pay all of their opportunities. i love my family so much.
i never knew that being so mature is the only thing that i need. but i think that must go in my heart one by one step by step. it's only a little way to be a successful person in this world. they can proud of me and so do i.
i pray for the best that i could. Pray for my future. i wish i could be a doctor. but i never know what ALLAH will give to me. I hope my dream come true. Really.. i want it*
But what i want now, i won't make my parents cry because of me. i won't they see my tears that fall from my eyes. because.. start from now.. i will cry alone and settle all of that by myself. i just won't share it to another people. but i didn't know i could stand by my own feet.. or not. But in my heart, i believe i can do this! Spirit!!




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