Monday, February 15, 2010

Why does it go wrong? ALWAYS!

I hate the way you're not around me. I hate the way you didn't look at me. i hate you. I hate you. But the mostly I hate about You is, the way i can't stop my feeling. Why always me? Why? Why ? Why? always fault when face a problem like this. Am I stupid? Am I right? Oh, what is the best answer to describe what myself look alike? i'm like a jerk that couldn't dare to face it by myself. Oh My..... I know.. I know.. This is not his fault to be with another girl. But Please, don't be a couple.. I'm begging on you. Why always like this? Yeah..... I am..  So stupid, soo always make a mistaken and always ruin my own self.. Damn It!!

I Like You.
You know what. Because of you, my world is shining, because of you i can smile full of the day. and because of you i can cry. and the worst thing, i don't even know you well.. and you didn't know me, too.  i hate you, but i like you. it's too difficult to look another man because you make my world unusual. it's too difficult cause you can make me forget them. "they who ruin my life." i found you at last. But what i get. The same mistaken. Stupid. Foolish Silly OMG! arrgggghhh...

I'm sorry, i will try to forget you. to forget nothing [cause you didn't leave me anything]. and i think it will be so difficult because you left a big smile in my memorize and nothing sad story left in. Oohh.. I hope. I hope..

I wish you belong with me^^




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