Sunday, February 7, 2010


I know that i'm so tired of my schedule, but i don't know, what i must do. this is the real world. and come on i don't even know that some test make me so tired..
I doubt with myself. but i know another people beside me felt the same thing. just make it true so i can breathe with relief. 
i know all that i can do know just study, attempt, and pray. Just that! so i won't give up now!! because give up, that's not me.. spirit!! i know everything is possible if i can prove and always do the best.. so i want to be a calm person that always handle her problem with smile face and relax.
people who doesn't trust herself just a people who doesn't believe with miracle. sometimes i think a miracle that always help me. just like my last test, i didn't think that i will get my biology mark with 80. that's impossible!! i know because my mark didn't like that.. Thanks Allah for save me..
i always love thing that always make me happy. yeah i know a lot of people must be like that. but.. just thinking about that, my world become brighter and brighter. 
so i just can say that you want to be someone who useful by another people. just believe in yourself that you can do it. 

Everything is possible if you want to do it. Just do the best !


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