Thursday, February 11, 2010

this time

this time that we don't know each other, really make us crazy always think about people that we don't know at all. so make us tired. yeah i know. because i'me in that story. story that we couldn't want and always hope it had never happened in our whole life. so deep in my heart, but hurt. so confusing, right?

Something that we must know. must be from ourself.
ouw ouw. just like LOVE. we don't even know when it comes, where and who will be our loves. just this time. this time or that time. just time that can prove that. i can be yours now but not for future. and that's possible if our enemy maybe our love that we want to be someone.. yeah u know what i mean.

sometimes we think that a lot of people got their loves from their first sight. but i think not like that. yeah i don't mean not at all. but some possibility may come whenever they want.
when we sad or happy. or when we got mas, maybe. i never know when my true love come to my eyes.

but all that i can say, This time, just think that everything maybe happen. tomorrow or future. yeah, i don't know.


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