Thursday, February 18, 2010

A goaL of My Life

Never think before, that life is so important. Just so you know. not everyone can be us. you can see a smart people maybe can't to be a cheerleader. so we must regard another person for our live. everyone, life is like a circle. you can see once in the top but sometimes it will be in the bottom. i didn't think about it so deep befor. but every hours i passed away, it's like a garbage. and wasting time really stupid.

Now, i don't want to think about something that so horrified. just think about the happiness. Our Life, that's only we who can make it the best and better than before. Don't give up if you haven't had that. Life is possible. only an effort that distinct some people in this world. Look around and you will see your biggest desire to reach it in this time. Think it deeply and you will feel like Allah bless you. Life.yeah or life. just prove it by yourself. Gotcha!

Do the best and Don't give up! ^^




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