Friday, February 12, 2010

The deepest Love that could kill me!

something that i know, just a dream and just a imagination really make me crazy. i'm crazy in love with you, Kim Bum. i don't know. but when i know he got some trouble in his career i feel terrible. he's so amazing and adorable. and really make me happy all of the day when he played in BOF at the first time i saw him. Really, and i never lie. he's adorable. but i'm very sad when he involved in legal dispute. i hope it never happen on him. I love him. I really want to see him now, and entertain him. i'm so stupid, i know, surely he must have someone who always beside him and understand what he want and what he need.
saranghae oppa.. Oppa Saranghamnida...
Oppa.. just this that i can do for you. all of my love just for you. Just for you and always for you. FOREVER. I belong with you.. saranghamnida^^

I hope everything will gonna be alright, and miracle always behind and beside you. always happy, and always shine in this world. i love you oppa. nothing in this world that can change you in my heart. I love you..,


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